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About Coin Master Game

Coin Master, a record-breaking game that was developed initially in the year 2010 for both the iOS and Android users. Coin Master enjoys massive support from the gamers for its incredible combination of building and gambling genre.

It is a single-player game with one of the best interactive mobile interfaces. This game has over 200 levels that make this game an adventurous one. This gives an enjoyable and satisfying experience as you make progress in the game.

These levels are designed in a way to challenge you and make you think about how well you use your available resources to move to the next level.

This has made Coin Master one of the most played games across different countries like India, Germany, and the U.K. The number of levels within this game, is increasing consistently with every year.

These levels are assigned with tasks like building a village and upgrading them while also raiding and spinning slots to make more money. The villages in these levels may cost a few million to billions and increase steadily as you make progress throughout the game. Here, we have tried to sort out some of the boom levels in the game for rare cards, too.

The Objective

The main objective of the Coin Master is to win coins to build up villages through upgrading the essential items.

So, to build and upgrade buildings and villages, you will have to raid other player bases while trying to defend yours. Battle for money and build for moving ahead will be an accurate description of the Coin Master objective. Here the game mechanics involves spinning the slot machine for money and rewards.

Only when you spin the slot machine, you will be able to build your village. You can also attack different villages in the game belonging to other players only after spinning the slot machine. The total number of attempts for spinning is currently limited to six for an hour. If you need additional attempts for spinning, then you can purchase them in chests.

As you begin playing, you will first see your village, and then you will have to proceed to put up your first building. Once you begin doing this and complete the task, you will get a star. As you make progress throughout the game, you will run out of coins while still having to build and upgrade more.

So, you will have to spin the slot machines, which will be your savior throughout the game. This slot machine acts as a reservoir of coins to build and expand your village.

Thus, acquiring a fortune by winning, spinning, and attacking the village of another player or raiding the wealth of different players to upgrade and build your village and moving ahead to the next level is the main objective of this game.

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