Coin Master Attack Madness tips

Coin Master Attack Madness Guide And Reward List

Who doesn’t know about this fantastic game! COIN MASTER. This game is all about building and upgrading villages, protecting it from the rivals, attacking the villages of the opponent players, collecting coins, and getting rewards.

Well, it seems that with every passing day, are and more people are getting involved with this incredible game.

Another fascinating event that is offered by the game is Coin Master Attack Madness. In attack madness, the players receive an astounding reward for attacking the villages and bases of the opponent players.

The more you attack, the more powerful are your rewards. The rewards get better and bigger every time the players launch a new attack.

Interesting, isn’t it?

This article enlists a detailed description of how the attack madness works and how the players can get efficiently involved with this event of Coin Madness.

How To Get Into Attack Madness?

The gamers can enter into attack madness in more than one way, but the question here is, what is the best method of entering? The players who have regularly been a part of the game, know exactly how the pattern works.

They use their brain in acknowledging the pattern of attacks and spins. The most important thing here is to understand the number of spins between the attacks.

One thing here the players can do is to analyze the attacks and when they are due. With the analysis, plan your attack and place your bets. If the player is certain that no attack is due for the current time period, then he can go for the minimum bets.

But if the players feel that the attack can be launched anytime soon, then they can go for higher bets. Waiting for too long to go for the attack and betting, is not at all advisable since the number of spins can change the pattern.

How To Beat Attack Madness

Players really wish that they get to launch a perfect attack and bring their opponents to the ground. But it is not as easy as people think it is. Beating attack madness is challenging but not impossible.

The best way a player can beat the event is to place a minimum of 10 bets after an attack is launched.

After placing the bet for ten times, increase the bet to maximum, until the player gets another attack. Following this paper will fetch you more attacks, and the player can beat the attack madness in a really efficient and powerful manner.

How To Get Attacks On Coin Master Attack Madness

In the event of attack madness, the player gets attacked only when he has a village. So the best thing here a player can do is to stack as many coins as possible. There are a certain number of coins that are required by the players to build their own village. The players can stack coins if the villagers get too expensive.

Attack Madness reward you earned

Build them at once and start the store process of the coins. While playing the event, the players can raise large bags of coins. They can also adopt the Big Raid Techniques if they want to collect the coins at a faster rate.

Build your village and get ready to attack your opponents with a powerful truce.

Tips And Tricks For Attack Madness

Adhere to the following simple tips and tricks of attack madness, if you truly want to master this game.

  • The first and the most critical thing to follow in the event is to wait for your opponents to launch an attack. The players need to play with a single bet and wait until the first raid and attack. The players can increase their bets after going for the first attack and taking too many spins.
  • The players can raise their bet after the first raid since they will definitely be attacked after the net six bets.
  • If the players do not receive anything after 40 to 50 spins, they can go for a single bet option. Even in this situation, the players can get two raids at a time.
  • The players need to wait for their shield after 2 to 5 spins.
  • The players should wait after two consecutive raids, and then increase the bets for the next three spins.


Coin Master Attack Madness brings a lot of adventure and powerful gaming mechanisms with it.

The players get easily addicted to the game. Coin Master Attack Madness is everything summer wisher for.

The attacks, raids, free spins, and rewards bring a new gaming phenomenon to the players of all around the world. All you have to do is follow some basic steps and tips, and you can ace this game!

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