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If you are an avid player of collection strategy games, then you might have come across all Coin Master events. It is a popular coin stacking game that spans across various eras and genres through the eyes of a Viking.

If you have recently started playing the game and are wondering about in-game events, then fear not, we have you covered. In this article, we will discuss everything we know so far about events and how you can make the most out of your purchase, without having to spend a lot. You can check latest events on this Facebook group daily.

Coin Master Resources

Like every game, Coin Master has a ton of resources that give you a significant advantage over your opponent. These resources include the likes of collectible cards, pets, humans, and more.

You can spin and earn resources in the game, which will help you increase your level, upgrade your pets, and discover new villages. These new villages include the likes of Candy Land, Magical Forest, The 50’s, Thailand, Snowy Alps, Inca, and many more.

Another way you can earn resources is to attack and raid other players. This allows you to earn extra resources and upgrade further in the game without having to use your coin stack. You can raid fellow Vikings, your enemies, and even your in-game friends. You can also connect the game with your Facebook account and get all of your friends involved in the process.

Additionally, the game is also known to host limited timed events that can help you earn exponential rewards early in the game. These events are available only for a selected amount of time, which makes them highly valuable and sought after. Let’s take a deep dive to know how you can make the most out of events in Coin Master.

Coin Master Event List

Tournament Milestone

This is a new introduction in-game that allows you to win even more prizes while competing in tournaments. You have certain milestones set for you during each tournament, which upon completion, will yield certain rewards, including the likes of spins, coins, pet XP, pet treats, gold cards, and more.


These are multiplayer online tournaments that are played in real-time alongside other players from around the world. You are split into groups of 50, and the idea is to become the number one coin master in that group.

Gift Master

Gift Master events help multiply rewards of your in-game purchase. Every coin or spin pack that is purchased by you will give you a gift that could contain more spins, coins, chests, pet food, and much more.

Special Events

Special Coin Master events award players with limited in-game resources. These resources can be won by completing different challenges and progressing your way through the event. Additionally, your attacks and raids also count towards special events even if they are blocked, which makes it much more exciting.

Attack Madness

Attack Madness Event

Attack madness events earn you exclusive rewards for every attack and raid that you carry out on a fellow Viking. You will have a progress bar with different kinds of rewards laid out on it. Completing each requirement will help you complete this progress bar and get closer to your in-game rewards.

Raid Madness

Raid Madness Event

Just like attack madness, raid madness has a progress bar as well with amazing rewards. This progress bar fills up when you decide to raid fellow Vikings and friends and has different stages that you can keep completing even if you are done with the first one.

Village Master

Village Master Event

Village master is an achievement that you can gain by completing each village in coin master. Completing a village will earn you unmatched rewards that are impossible to obtain through other means in the game. This makes them highly valuable and sought after, which means they can be exchanged with other players for much more valuable goods as well.

Bet Blast

Bet Blast Event

As the name suggests, this event allows you to bet in-game currency and resources for fantastic rewards. You can attack rivals, raid friends, and complete villages to win the bet.

Cards Boom

cards Boom Event

Cards Boom is an event that earns you awesome rewards with little to no effort. During this game, each chest will earn you 50% more rewards when compared to its normal state. This means that a wooden chest will earn you three cards, golden chests will earn you six cards, and magical cards will earn you a whopping 12 cards in total.

Cards For Chests

This is a limited-time event that allows you to trade your duplicate cards for chests. Although you can trade cards with other players, you can often get stuck with offerings that everyone has. You can make use of these redundant cards by exchanging them for chests that could reward you with extra spins, pet food, pet XP, and more cards as well.

Gold Card Trade

Finishing collections is the main objective of the game. And if you have been on the search for a particular card for quite a long time, then the Gold Card trade can help you acquire it from another player. During this limited-time event, you are allowed to exchange your cards for having a higher chance of completing your collection.

Note: There is a limit of two Gold cards on the trade.

Jackpot Madness Event

Jackpot Madness Event

Jackpot is a higher betting limited-time event that allows you to raise the stakes for spins to win better rewards. Your bet will be multiplied over a few times so that you can win a better jackpot during these events.

Note: To become eligible for jackpots, you have to make use of bets.

Balloon Frenzy
This game is a fun mini-game inside a coin master that shows up from time to time. Pop the balloons floating over your village to earn massive rewards.

Viking Quest

Viking Quest Event

Another mini-game inside coin master, Viking quest, uses the slot machine to reward you. Unlike regular slots that require you to use your spin chances, Viking quests require the use of coins which are much more readily available in the game.

Set Blast

Set Blast event

Set Blasts are limited timed events that award you with fantastic rewards for completing card sets during this time. If you have been holding out on set completion, then Set Blast would be the perfect time to do so.

We hope this guide helps you get a good grip over all the events in Coin Master. Feel free to share your opinion with us in the comments section below.

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