Coin Master Free Spin Daily

How To Get Coin Master Free Spin Daily

Are you looking for a free spin for Coin Master? Then you have landed on the perfect webpage. Our comprehensive guide will provide you with tips and tricks to earn Coin Master free spin as well as shed light on common misbeliefs about earning free spin. Let’s get started.

New Ways To Earn Coin Master Free spin

Well yes, there are mainly two ways to get free spin in Coin Master. These are the easiest way to earn free spin and do not require the use of any third-party tools. This way, you can keep your device safe and secure while earning free spin in the process. Let’s take a look at each of these methods.

Participate In Events

You can get free spin by participating in Coin Master events.

To be a part of events, you will be required to meet a certain level and Village Master requirements. This will help ensure fairness in the event as well as increase the chances of winning free spin.

There will be various rewards for completing different levels of an event, most of which will either reward you with free coins, free spin, or rare cards.

Daily Reward Calendar

Coin Master recently introduced the concept of a reward calendar in a bid to keep things interesting. This calendar is available to every player around the world with the newest update.

The reward calendar is based on a concept that has been adopted by many games. It essentially rewards you with 30 unique awards for every consecutive login into the game for thirty days.

The rewards awarded by the reward calendar include the likes of Coin Master free spin, magical chests, coin stacks, free pets, pet food, and more.

Why Does My Friend Get Higher Rewards From The Reward Calendar?

Well, the reward calendar awards you with different items depending on the village you are at. The higher the level of your village, the more are your chances of receiving rare items from the rewards calendar.

People beyond the 100th village can gain massive rewards each day, including the likes of 50+ free spins, 100M coins, magical chests, coin stacks, huge XP, and more.

If your friend can get better rewards using the reward calendar, then the chances are that he is at a higher level in the game than you.

Make Friends In Game To Earn Spin

First, you can get free spin by your in-game friends. This will allow you to play the chance game and try your luck at winning new rare items.

The Upside of Adding Friends

Coin Master allows you to send requests to fellow players and become their friends in the game. The most significant advantage of having a large group of friends is the fact that you can earn up to 120 free spins from them each day.

This will significantly increase your chances of getting rare items as well as extra coins. You can also get coins, but this is not something that you should be adding friends for.

You can only earn a maximum of 2M coins, which are usually not even enough to complete a village.

The Downside of Making Friends

The major downside of adding a lot of friends in the game is that you are left open for attacks and raids. All your newly added friends can and probably will attack and raid your village regularly to earn extra resources.

This will significantly slow down your progress and delay you significantly when it comes to completing your village.

An excellent way to circumvent this problem would be to build a considerable coin stack and wait for the right moment.

If you start building a village with the right amount of coins, then you will be able to complete it and move on to the next level before your friends have a chance to raid and attack your village.

Third-Party Sources For Coin Master Free Spin

If you have been searching for a way to earn free spin in Coin Master, then you have probably come across many third party services. They offer the ability to earn free spin with a single tap on your smartphone screen.

If you are wondering about the legitimacy of such services, then fear not, we have you covered. Let’s take a look at all the different kinds of tools that you can come across to generate Coin Master free spin on the internet.

Third-Party Spin Generators

Third-party generators are standalone applications or executable files. They require you to download either an app on your phone or software on your desktop device.

This standalone software will then connect to your Coin Master application in your phone and attempt to inject freely generated spin into your account.

Modded Apks

.Apks is the extension for all installer files on Android that can be used to get applications from a third-party source. Hackers and crackers can modify the code of this installer file to inject additional values into the game.

It can be used to attain various currencies for free. They bypass the license check and reduce the overall difficulty of the game. Modded apks are quite readily available on the internet and can be installed by almost anybody that has been using Android for a while.

Spin Awarding Hot Links

Many websites claim to provide you with one click hotlinks. They claim to generate and inject free spin right into your Coin Master application.

To make such services work, you are required to subscribe to private groups, and RSS feeds. Here, these links are regularly updated and shared with the public.

These links can only be used from a smartphone. You have to either complete a captcha or a survey before you can collect your reward.

The Truth

While most such services on the internet are considered harmless, some are harmful. This is because they are hidden behind surveys and paywalls by the developers.

Once you have completed the payment or the survey, you will be displayed an animation or a video. It would claim to have completed the spin generation process, but there would be nothing in your account.

You should avoid such services. They are usually meant to earn money from surveys, advertisements, and direct payments.

Where things get dicey is when you downloaded modded apks or standalone third-party generators. These nefarious applications are usually filled to the brim with viruses and malware that can significantly harm your phone.

Such apps give the hackers a backdoor into your phone’s security system. It can compromise your privacy as well as put your sensitive information at the risk of being leaked to malicious sources.

These applications can also inject miners and data loggers into your smartphone. They will use up all the mobile data and resources to send back sensitive information to their source.

Should You Try Third Party Services To Earn Free spin?

We sincerely recommend you to stay away from them. None of the third-party services ever reward you with any free spin and only end up putting your private data and money at risk.

Spins are a great way to earn rare resources in Coin Master, but they are not worth jeopardizing your entire phone as well as your sensitive information.

You should stay away from third-party services that claim to award you with tons of free spin, especially in exchange for either completing surveys, captchas, or straight up direct payments.

There are many secure in-game methods that you can regularly use to earn free spin, as mentioned above. Using these methods will not put your privacy at risk, nor will they put you at the risk of getting banned by the developers.

Final Words

We hope this guide helped you understand all you needed to know about free spin for Coin Master. What did you think about it? Did these methods help you?

What is your take on third-party services that claim to provide tons of Coin Master free spin? Feel free to share your feedback and views with us in the comments section below.

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