Coin Master Levels – Boom Levels And Cost

Coin Master is a virtual game that combines both the building as well as the gambling genre for an adventurous experience. The game can be won without making any real money purchase if you use the right kind of tactics by buying these chests in the boom villages mentioned above for upgrading and building your village.

Coin Master Levels

Once a village is upgraded and built, players move onto the next level. Each level continues to become more challenging as the game progresses. Coin Master has 221 levels.

Villages And Raids

There are about 221 uniquely themed villages in the Coin Master. You can build them by spinning the slot machine or making raids to another player’s village. Some themed village adventures include LA dreams, Magical forest, Buddhist village, and Coin Manor. As you make progress, you can experience all these themed villages. As you build and upgrade a building, you gain stars. The extension of the village itself is for gaining stars by upgrading them.

The Slot Machine

The game itself revolves around the ways to generate resources and where these above resources are to be spent. The game’s economy involves coins, which is the soft currency that is earned by spinning the wheel. You usually can hold a maximum of 50 spins a day, and you will be awarded five spins for every hour.

There are two main screens in the game. The slot machine will be the first one, and the second screen is for the village that you will have to expand and grow. Once you build all the necessary buildings found in the game, the process begins once again with the next level.

Card Collection

One of the most critical features of the Coin Master’s gameplay is the ‘card collection.’ Each card has a different value, and some rare ones are very difficult to find. The Coin Master cards are collected and traded to complete a card set that can be used to win many great rewards like extra spins, pet experience, and many more.

The game also features chests with rare cards that can be collected by using the coins earned. The players’ community is the best place for trading and buying rare cards. There are many online groups in which players across different countries join to collect valuable cards.


Coin Master uses Pig, who is the protagonist (tour guide) of the Coin Master game. Pig is used as a promotional art and is placed in almost all the events. The introduction of new characters in every new village is also an essential feature of this game. Even mythological characters like warriors and witches are involved.


The players can also have pet experiences with three different pets that are available to help you with collecting more coins for upgrading your village. You can obtain treats for raising your pets.

Pets in Coin Master

Pets are kept awake with treats. Multiple treats will keep them awake for more extended periods. You can boost their experience points by using XP potions for better pet experience in the game. Interestingly, pets can have eggs and hatch them.

Foxy, Tiger, Rhino are the three different pets that can be used by the player. Pet Rhino, with a maximum of five shields, can be used to defend villages.

Good Music And User Interface

The visual effects of the game are very playful, and the slot machine looks and feels like an actual slot machine. Whenever you win, coins will be sprayed out of the slot machine!

The music is rather good but repetitive. There is also a change of music during suspense and tension when you stand a big chance to win big with a thrilling experience for the player playing it.

All About Coin Master Levels

Since the Coin Master has over 200 levels and villages, we will see some of the best levels for getting cards, gold cards, buying chests, etc.

Coin Master Boom Levels For Gold Cards

In the Coin Master game, there are several villages where you get so many cards. Some cards are easy to find while some cards will take a bit longer. Few others are extremely rare. Boom villages are those villages where you are most likely to find rare cards.

Gold cards can be easily found in these villages. Chances of getting rare gold cards differ in these villages. But still, boom villages can help you with this. Some of the boom villages where you can find the gold cards are

SRCoin Master Boom level
1Village 5
2Village 10
3Village 13
4Village 15
5Village 22
6Village 27
7Village 34
8Village 37
9Village 45
10Village 49
11Village 57
12Village 65
13Village 79
14Village 83
15Village 87
16Village 90
17Village 93
18Village 98
19Village 105
20Village 107
21Village 110
22Village 122
23Village 130
24Village 135
25Village 141
26Village 142
27Village 143

Tip: You can also stay longer in some of these villages and buy chests to get rare cards quickly.
You can get these cards from Viking Quest and Joker event.

Coin Master Best Levels To Buy Chests

You can buy chests in almost every village, with all sorts of cards. So, buying these chests is vital to get rare cards. Some of the villages where you can find these chests are

SRBest Level To Buy Chests
1Village 5
2Village 7
3Village 10
4Village 13
5Village 15
6Village 17
7Village 20
8Village 22
9Village 27
10Village 30
11Village 34
12Village 35
13Village 37
14Village 40
15Village 45
16Village 47
17Village 49
18Village 50
19Village 55
20Village 57
21Village 65
22Village 79
23Village 83
24Village 87
25Village 90
26Village 93
27Village 98
28Village 105
29Village 107
30Village 110
31Village 112
32Village 117
33Village 122
34Village 125
35Village 127
36Village 130
37Village 135
38Village 141
39Village 142
40Village 143

These are some of the villages in which you can buy chests and easily find a gold card!

Coin Master Level Cost

Different Coin Master levels involve different costs where you will have to spend the resources efficiently. The first village costs close to 3.9 million worth of coins, and the cost steadily increases with each level. The cost of the 73rd village is in billions. So, as you proceed further, the cost increases, and you will need more coins to upgrade and build your village.

Build, gamble, and play wisely to win big!

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