Coin Master Tips And Tricks

Coin Master Tips And Tricks That Work

Coin master has been one of the most popular coin stacking games of our decade. We have covered a lot about the game and its extensive features.

If you are a new user, looking for relevant tips, then you have come to the perfect place. We have combined some of the best Coin Master tips and strategies that our gaming community has discovered over the years.

This will help you get started quickly while understanding the in-game mechanics. These Coin Master cheats will also help you get the most out of your game while using your coins and spins with maximum efficiency.

This way, you will be able to complete levels much quicker and progress through different villages much more quickly. Let’s get started.

Best Coin Master Tips Tricks And Strategy

Keep A Keen Eyes On Your Spins

Try to accumulate as many spins you can over a period. This will help you unlock the ability to bet more on each spin, which in turn will result in more rewards.

If you have under 200 spins in your account, then you will be allowed to bet 1x and 3x per spin. Although a great ability, the stakes are relatively low here, and so will be the reward. Once you accumulate more than 200 spins, the ability to bet x5 will be available to you.

Coin Master Betting Tips And Rewards

This will be a significant advantage if you are looking to obtain rare items and cards. Once you cross the 500 spin mark, you will be able to raise the stakes to 8x.

Coin Master Betting Tips

It will be a significantly higher stakes spin, which can result in massive rewards if you end up getting something unique. But remember, it could also cause you to lose a significant amount of loot.

A Good strategy our players have found is to keep high stakes spins to a minimum and practice them only once in a while. This way, the chances of you getting a higher reward significantly increase, especially if there is a special event going on.

Next, once you reach the 1000 spin mark, you will be able to bet up to 10x on your spin.

This is when you will enter the big games, and if you win, the reward will be much more than any spin might have given you before this.

Beyond the 1000 mark, you get the ability to bet higher once you reach 2800 spins. Upon reaching the 2800 spin mark, you can bet all the way up to 25x on your draw. It is a great feature! Even if such a spin does not go your way, it is sure to reward you with enough loot to recover your costs.

It ensures that you will not have any significant losses. The top of the line level for spins ends at the 5000 spin mark.

The Highest Betting Level

The highest spin level that you can go in the game is the 5000 spin mark, and reaching it allows you to bet over 50x on a particular spin.

So if you are looking to get the most out of your spins, then it would be a good idea to sit on them. Also, ensure high stakes reward once you reach higher levels.

Spins are one of the best ways to earn resources, rare cards, and goodies in coin master. If you are looking for a free way to collect rare resources in the game without having to make in-app purchases, then stocking your spins is an excellent idea.

Coin Master Cheats For Spin Wheel

This will help you keep track of your winning as well as spot unfavorable changes to avoid them. Probability is the key here, the higher the likelihood of you getting the best hand, the better are your chances of getting rare loot from your daily spins.

Spin Wheekl Tips

And the best way to predict your chances of winning is to keep track of perfect scores in your spinning roster. Like any slot machine, the idea of a spin in coin master is to get three identical symbols in the three columns of your screen.

This will give you the maximum in-game rewards and help you earn rare items without cheat codes. Keeping track of your total chances and when you receive a perfect score will also help you predict your chances of getting a perfect score again.

This will also help you get an idea of the probability of each spin and your chances of getting rare loot from it. Some of the rewards that you should keep in mind have been listed below.

3x Hammers

Three hammers on the spin machine will freely let you attack other players, damage their village, and ransack their loot.

This is a great chance to earn some quick money and spins easily, and in case you end up hitting the jackpot, you might also receive some rare cards in the process.

3x Energy

Getting 3x energy capsules will help you not only get ten extra spins but will also allow you to raise the stakes of your next spin up to 10x. Ideally, this option is only available to players that have accumulated more than 1000 spins.

Still, if you get three energy capsules on your spin, you can get this ability even if you have a single spin remaining in your tally.

3x Coins

Getting three coins means that you are going to get a massive stack of coins from the spin machine. The higher the level of the village you are currently at, the higher is the number of coins you will be awarded by the machine.

Village upgrades and pets also increase the number of coins you will receive when you get 3x coins on your spin.

3x Coin Pouches

Three coin pouches are similar to getting three coins, but they reward you significantly more coins. Just like 3x coins, the amount of coins depends on the level of your village and the number of upgrades your village has.

If you have more pets and higher upgrades, then the reward you get from 3x coin pouches will be significantly higher.

3x Pigs

Getting 3x pigs lets you raid the player with the highest amount of coins. This could be a random player that you have encountered before that has a significantly higher coin stack than you, or it could be a random bot with a high amount of coins.

If you play with your friends, then getting 3x pigs will allow you to raid the friend that has the most coins in the coin stack. This will help you increase your coin stack overnight quickly and efficiently.

3x Shields

Getting three shields will reward you with more shields to prevent attack and raids on your villages from other players. The number of shields you win will be between 1 to 50, and the higher you bet on your spin, the higher are your chances of getting more shields.

Keep track of burning objects when attacking fellow villagers.

This is an excellent way to estimate whether the other person has put up a shield or not. Shields tend to fend off enemy attacks and significantly decrease the amount of loot that you will be taking away.

It is no surprise that everybody in the game wants to protect their stack of coins and resources; hence most players start to put shields up early on in the game.

These shields can lose you timed events and even cost you valuable chances. But if someone has a lot of objects on fire in his village, it is a clear indication that somebody has attacked the village earlier.

Also, the shield (if there was any) could have been destroyed in the process. If you are looking to mount an attack on your foe, then this would be the perfect time to do so.

Use shields Regularly

Most experienced players are aware of the burning objects trick. If you don’t update the shield on your village regularly, then there is a high chance that your village could undergo a succession of attacks.

Use Coin Master Shield


Another way to prevent raids and attacks on your village is to get the Rhino pet. Rhino can be unlocked by completing card collections. In return, rhino, as a pet, can prevent enemies from attacking your village. Rhino should keep your resources and coin stack protected.

Keep an eye out of Rewarding Raids

Raids are an in-game feature that allows you to dig holes using three provided shovels. In return, you have to choose from 4 different holes.

Know Rewarding Raids

One of these holes either holds a big reward like a chest while the others can hold small rewards like coins or even be empty. There are mainly two tricks to get the most out of your raid, and they have been listed below.

Always Go With Foxy

Foxy is a pet that you can unlock in the game, which is very beneficial during raids. You can unlock Foxy upon reaching level 4. Having Foxy equipped during raids will allow you to get more out of your chances as Foxy can be used to steal more coins.

Foxy will simply dig up the last hole herself after all your three chances are over. Make sure that you take away all the loot possible during a single raid. One thing to keep in mind that you have to keep Foxy fed to have your pet active during raids on enemy villages.

The Two-Finger Trick

This is more of a hidden trick in the game that not many people know. It works when you have used up two digging chances of your raid and have received rewards in both the chances.

Now the chance of getting a reward in the third dig has narrowed down to 50%. You can simply overcome this hurdle by tapping and holding down on both the digging holes at the same time.

This should dig the hole that contains rewards, which will result in a perfect raid. Although for this trick to work, luck has to be in your favor, and the first two chances should yield coins or rewards in the digging process.

Note: You need to tap with both the fingers in perfect synchronization for this trick to work. After doing this, hold the position for a second to glitch the game and claim your rewards.

Complete card collections

Card collections are a vital part of the game. Cards can be obtained through different chests in each village, and the higher your level, the higher are your chances of receiving a rare card.

Keep collecting cards to complete a particular set. Each set will award you with a rare reward, which will help you get more out of your game. An excellent example of this is the beast’s card collection.

Beast cards are relatively easy to obtain early on in the game, and completing this collection will allow you to unlock the tiger as your next pet.

Having tiger active and fed during attacks on other villages will work in your favor by awarding you additional rewards after an attack. Similarly, you can unlock the rhino pet after completing the creature’s collection.

Rhinos are a great defensive pet that can fend off enemy attacks without the use of a shield. This helps ensure that you do not have to use your shields regularly and can keep them in your collection for a rainy day in the future.

Final Words

Coin master is a classic fun game that you will learn more about as you progress towards higher levels. There are over 241 villages to date, and developers keep adding more with new updates.

Check back with us to discover more neat Coin Master tips and tricks to get the most out of your coin master village and resources. Feel free to share your thoughts and views with us in the comments section below.

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