Coin Master Village List

Coin Master Village List And Building Cost

Coin Master is a collection based strategy game from the house of Moon Active. It features quirky graphics, and your progress in the game by developing new villages.

Coin Master villages are an indication of your progress in the game. Every time you reach the next level, you get to create a new village. You can hoard resources, keep pets, assign caretakers, and buy various chests in your villages.

The higher your village level, the higher are your chances of getting a gold card from the chests.

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Coin Master villages are modeled after various popular themes, which helps keep the game more engaging and entertaining. These themes include the likes of Mexico, Magical Forest, The 50s, steampunk, and much more.

Are You wondering how to make the most out of your villages? You have landed at the right place. Our guide should help you understand every village you encounter while helping you make the most out of your in-game resources. Let’s take a look at the different types of villages that the coin master has to offer.

Types Of Coin Master Villages

Coin Master has a total of 221 villages that you can build and interact within the game. This number is tentative because the developers keep releasing new villages daily.

If you are someone who is looking for a comprehensive list of these villages and their costs, fear not we have you covered. Below, you will find the complete classification and details about the Coin Master villages.

Coin Master villages can be mainly classified into six different categories, as listed below. These categories help identify these villages for in-game rewards so that you can stack up your coins to find rare cards.

1. Ancient Villages

Ancient Villages were some of the first villages introduced by the developers. These villages resemble ancient lands that have long been lost in time. They allow you to enjoy different cultures, visit different eras, and learn more about our past.

Ancient Village Coin Master

Additionally, they are easier to unlock and build, which guarantees a high chance of success. Some of the most popular ancient villages include the likes of Land of Vikings, Ancient Egypt, Inca Village, Stone Age, Troy, and much more.

2. Geographical Villages

Geographical Villages in the game resemble a geographic area that either existed in the past or currently exists. The idea of these villages is to capture the climate and landscape associated with such areas. An excellent example of such villages is the Snowy Alps.

Geographical village- Snowy Alps Coin Master

It is relatively easier to unlock at the starting of the game itself and takes you on a snowy journey to the top of the mountains. Other geographical villages include the likes of the Netherlands, Jungle, Arctic, India, Australia, Mexico, and more.

3. Futuristic Villages

As the name suggests, instead of traveling back in time, these villages tend to pummel you towards the future. They are everything a sci-fi fan hopes for and more. These villages are unlocked further into the game and cost hefty money.

Futuristic Woodstock Village Coin Master

Although a few of them are available during the initial stages of the game. Some good examples of futuristic villages include Woodstock, Moon Landing, Wonderland, Apocalypse, and more. If you like to imagine the future, then you might want to save up your coins for these villages.

4. Profession Based Villages

Profession based villages target a particular trade, and their whole setting built around it. These villages aim to capture the lives of everyday workers and make it a fun and exciting aspect of the game. Apart from modern-day professions, many villages have also been built after past and future professions.

Profession Based Village Coin Master

This variety is to keep in line with the time travel structure of Coin Master. Some good examples include the likes of Miner village, Army Camp, Oil Tyrant, Scientist Village, Pilot village, and more.

5. Pop-Themed Villages

Lastly, we have the pop-themed villages that have been developed for all the crazy fans out there that love to reminisce about their favorite era, personality, or genre.

Pop Themed Halloween Village Coin Master

These villages are wildly themed and feature popular references from modern-day mainstream media that will help you stay entertained for long hours. Some good examples of pop themed villages are Candy Land, Halloween Village, Steampunk Village, Magical Forest, Coin Manor, and a lot more.

6. Boom Villages

There is also another category of villages in the game, which is ‘Boom’ Villages. These villages are highly rewarding compared to their regular counterparts and can win your exclusive in-game currency to acquire rarer in-game items.

Boom Village Coin Master

Buying chests in these villages can reward you with tons of extra coins and rare cards, which would help improve your in-game standing drastically. So save up on some additional currency for boom villages to acquire extra rare items in coin master.

Coin Master Village Cost

SRVillage NameCost
1LandofVikings3.1 M
2AncientEgypt5.2 M
3SnowyAlps9.5 M
4Inca13.2 M
5FarEast16.3 M
6StoneAge17.4 M
7SunnyHawaii20.6 M
8Troy25.8 M
9Africa31.0 M
10Atlantis34.8 M
11TheFuture35.8 M
12Woodstock37.4 M
13ArabianNights41.0 M
14MoonLanding42.8 M
15WildWest46.6 M
16Netherland48.3 M
17Jungle51.3 M
18Wonderland53.8 M
19Miners56.2 M
20TheArctic60.0 M
21Apocalypse61.0 M
22CandyLand63.4 M
23ArmyCamp64.2 M
24Halloween67.3 M
25TheTribe66.6 M
26Australia71.0 M
27Columbus69.7 M
28Mexico75.8 M
29MagicalForest81.0 M
30India85.7 M
31The's91.7 M
32Thailand97.2 M
33CoinManor108.9 M
34DragonLair115.2 M
35GreekIsland120.1 M
36LADreams126.3 M
37TheWizard134.0 M
38OilTyrant141.5 M
39LaFamilia153.6 M
40Area163.8 M
41NightoftheDead165.1 M
42SteampunkLand174.6 M
43TheZoo180.5 M
44Russia192.3 M
45Musketeers205.0 M
46LadyBug216.2 M
47ThemePark229.0 M
48Tibet251.5 M
49Hell272.8 M
50Easter279.0 M
51Japan282.9 M
52Swamp291.0 M
53WizardofOz304.0 M
54Timbuktu320.7 M
55JurassicVille345.3 M
56Canada348.1 M
57Mongolia368.4 M
58JacksBeanstalks384.1 M
59Scotland409.9 M
60RobinHood433.1 M
61DeepSea453.3 M
62DonQuixote483.4 M
63Colosseum505.3 M
64CatCastle523.0 M
65Olympus542.6 M
66Trolls565.8 M
67Aliens591.4 M
68DaVinci630.0 M
69SandLand658.5 M
70Elves694.8 M
71Switzerland726.2 M
72Truckers773.7 M
73Spain0.9 B
74LittleRed0.9 B
75Unicorn1.0 B
76Scientist1.0 B
77Romania1.0 B
78Singapore1.0 B
79TinSoldier1.1 B
80CrazyBride1.1 B
81Pilot1.2 B
82FairyTale1.3 B
83CarRacing1.4 B
84Gnome1.4 B
85DesertPunk1.4 B
86Detective1.4 B
87BabaYaga1.5 B
88Barbarian1.7 B
89Restaurant1.7 B
90KingArthur1.8 B
91Sinbad1.8 B
92BikersBar2.0 B
93CaribbeanResort2.1 B
94SuperHeroes2.2 B
95EgyptianPyramids2.2 B
96OlympicGames2.3 B
97MountainClimbers2.4 B
98MilkyWay2.6 B
99SkiSlope2.7 B
100RoyalMonkey2.8 B
101SnowWhite2.8 B
102GoblinGhetto3.1 B
103Yemen3.4 B
104WuXing3.4 B
105Circus3.6 B
106Yokai3.7 B
107GolfCourse3.8 B
108LuchaLibre4.1 B
109CyberCowboys4.2 B
110RiceFarmer4.6 B
111CaptainShipyard4.7 B
112IrishCraic5.0 B
113Oktoberfest5.3 B
114Amazon5.6 B
115Aztec5.7 B
116ForbiddenCity5.8 B
117IceQueen6.0 B
118Samurai6.4 B
119Santa'sFactory6.7 B
120Soccer7.0 B
121Tennis7.4 B
122Thanksgiving7.8 B
123Toys8.2 B
124Venice8.5 B
125Witches9.0 B
126Yankee9.2 B
127Zanzibar9.6 B
128MobyDick10.2 B
129Turkey10.6 B
130Argentina11.3 B
131BoxingClub11.8 B
132Carnival12.6 B
133Dracula13.1 B
134FuturePark13.5 B
135Gymnastics14.3 B
136NewYork14.5 B
137SwampPrincess15.1 B
138PunkRock15.2 B
139Railroad16.2 B
140Rio17.8 B
141SpacePirate18.6 B
142MechWorkshop19.8 B
143Jocke&Jonna20.7 B
144Colombia21.1 B
145Petra21.6 B
146MonkeyKingdom22.0 B
147PersianSultan22.6 B
148DesertParty22.9 B
149Hercules23.4 B
150Shaolin23.8 B
151BakerShop24.6 B
152Billiard24.8 B
153Noah'sArk25.8 B
154Doomsday26.8 B
155Orc28.2 B
156Fairy29.0 B
157IceAge30.2 B
158Cleopatra30.5 B
159Valhalla31.3 B
160Supervillain32.0 B
161HorseRacing33.6 B
162JazzClub34.2 B
163Fashion34.5 B
164BarberShop36.0 B
165MermaidCity37.1 B
166StreetDance37.9 B
167SaloonSlickers38.8 B
168Centaure40.6 B
169DungeonLair41.8 B
170BrazilAmazon43.8 B
171Morocco45.0 B
172Firefighters45.7 B
173Jousting46.6 B
174SculptureWorkshop48.4 B
175Babylon49.0 B
176BoardingSchool51.3 B
177MovieSet52.8 B
178DinoRanch52.4 B
179AmericanFootball56.0 B
180BeautyandtheBeast57.7 B
181Galapagos59.6 B
182RoboTechGirl61.4 B
183Darwin64.1 B
184Dinner64.9 B
185MadHatter67.0 B
186SanFransisco68.6 B
187RallyRacing70.5 B
188Madagascar72.9 B
189PoliceStation75.4 B
190BeeHive76.8 B
191Napoleon79.1 B
192Basketball82.2 B
193FilmNoir84.8 B
194Baseball87.3 B
195PetSaloon89.7 B
196ScoutsCamp92.6 B
197Leprechaun95.4 B
198Athletics98.2 B
199Burglar101.1 B
200IceHockey104.2 B
201TalkShow106.9 B
202Havana110.6 B

Best Villages To Buy Chest In Coin Master

Your current village in Coin Master is a portrayal of your in-game rank. If you are currently in your first ten villages, then you are a low-rank player, and consequentially, if you have made it past village 50, then you will be considered a high-rank player.

Best Villages To Buy Chests


There are currently 221 villages in coin master, and all of them hold the chance of winning in-game currency as well as rare cards. But some villages hold a higher chance of awarding you rare goods, which is why you should be saving your in-game currency to spend on chests from such villages.

Here are some villages that are known sources of rare in-game cards that you should be saving up for.

Village 20: The Arctic

Cost: 60M

This village is modeled after the arctic circle and features a cold habitat for all your villagers. It is one of the few known first villages that can award you with Gold cards. Many players have reported receiving multiple Gold cards from The Arctic.

Moreover, this is the only village where the Monk Wizard card and Scarecrow card is supposed to be won. Make sure you stack up on enough extra coin so that you can build this village in one go. Protect village from invasions using shields and by hatching a pet rhino.

If you are a new player, then this is an excellent place for you to get rare in-game cards at the starting of the game itself.

Village 22: Candy Land

Cost: 63.4M

This one is a pop themed village in Coin master modeled after candy land. It features vibrant colors and yummy treats all around, which makes for a pleasant viewing experience.

Additionally, Candy Land is also the place to win Queen set Gold cards. These are rare in-game cards that are sure to give you an edge over your competition. So if you have been on the hunt for Queen set Gold cards, then this is the place you should be buying chests.

Village 25: The Tribe

Cost: 66.6M

The tribe is modeled after a rural village and takes a lot of inspiration from tribal cultures around the world. It is a fun village that can help you earn big set Hero Gold cards.

These cards will help you earn rare heroes and outperform other players with common cards. There is a high chance of winning hero gold cards if you buy chests in The Tribe village.

You will have to reach level 25 first to be able to build this village, so make sure you have enough coins stacked up before you begin the process.

Village 30: India

Cost: 85.7M

As the name suggests, this village is a portrayal of the country India. It borrows different geographical elements from the real country as well as some inspirations from their culture.

This village is a lot of fun and gets unlocked for a build as soon as you hit Level 30. By now, you should have stacked enough coins to buy a few chests in India. Buying chests here will give you a high chance of winning the Excalibur card that is a rare in-game item.

Players around the world have been known to find this card in India, which helps give them a significant advantage over their competition. Winning this card at an early stage in your game will surely help you perform better raids on enemy villages and even help you win timed daily events.


There are many villages in coin master, and only some of them can be considered as Boom villages where you can end up finding valuable and rare in-game cards. As players keep on progressing, we will be able to gather more information on these villages. Check back to see this page in a few weeks.

We will regularly update the list for new villages and rare cards that have been discovered in them. If you have been holding out on buying chests and have been stacking your coins, then it would be a good idea to refer to this guide and spend them in Boom villages only.

This plan will help you make the most out of your earnings and fast track your progress when compared to other players.

This guide aims to help you get the most out of your efforts in coin master. What did you think about it? Did we miss out on something? Let us know in the comments section below.

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