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How To Get Golden Cards From Chest In Coin Master

Coin Master is one of the revolutionary games trending globally. Coin Master allows the players to build and upgrade their villages and base. Apart from this, the players can also attack the villages of the opponent players along with raiding their bases.

They can also collect bigger and better rewards by launching powerful attacks. With spinning the virtual slot machine, the players can also receive golden cards, which is the primary essence of the gameplay.

The players need to be equipped with all kinds of tips and tricks to become an ace player. One of these is how to get golden cards from the chest of a coin master. The players need to get the golden cards to complete card collections.

There can be various ways the players can get the golden cards from the chest list. Different cards appear in the chest, but the challenging part here becomes to collect them since some of them are very rare.

The players faced this problem before spending a considerable stack of coins and not getting even a single golden card. But this ends here.

The article here elitist some of the best tricks which can be used for acquiring golden cards from the chest in Coin Master.

Tips To Get Golden Cards From Chests

Buy The Chests

The first thing mentioned here is about the buying of chests trick. We will tell you briefly about how and when to buy the chest in any village of the game. All you have to do is to acquire a new village and start building three items.

After adding three stars from the item that you have to build, ask your other friend player to attack the village until a house or any item is burning. That’s all. Here you can buy the chest and get golden cards.

Get To The Right Village

Now the second most important thing here is to choose your right village. All you need to do is to analyze your village and card sets carefully. The rare cards which are locked are most important.

Take a look at them and check the village where they get unlocked. Then you must reach that village without buying any other chest. This trick will surely fetch you a golden card once you reach the village and buy a new chest.

Change The Language!

It may sound funny, but changing the language may get you a golden card. Just change the language of the Coin Master and buy a new chest. The chest will contain a golden card!

The Boom Village

The potential players can get a little curious about what a booming village is. Well, in the game Coin Master, there are certain villages which are exclusive and are called BOOM VILLAGES. And when in these boom villages the new chests are purchased, the players can receive a golden card.

Following are the top ten Boom Villages

  • Village 5 – Far East
  • Village 7 – Sunny Hawaii
  • Village 10 – Atlantis
  • Village 13 – Arabian Nights
  • Village15 – Wild West
  • Village17 – Jungle
  • Village 20 – The Arctic
  • Village 22 – The Candy Land
  • Village 30 – India
  • Village 34 – Dragon Lair.

Get To The New Village

The players get disappointed when they do not receive even a single golden card, also when they buy a lot of chests in their villages. All you need to do is to buy and get to a new village. And wait for five days to purchase a new chest. And with the purchase of a new chest in a new village, the players can easily get golden cards.

Some Other Tips And Tricks

Besides following the above methods, the players can follow some other tips and tricks if they want to acquire golden cards form chest in Coin Master

  1. Once you reach a new village, the player should build all the items to 1 star and then purchase chests until the player gets a golden card. To initiate the further purchase of the set, buy a second star to all the objects. Doing this will make the players acquire golden cards from the chest.
  2. Another method that can be used by the player is to buy the wooden chests until the last card has at least more than two stars. And when the last cards have 4 to 5 stars, start buying the golden chests. If you find a golden card as the last card in the chest, start purchasing the Magical Chest.

Well, there were some very efficient methods that the potential players can use to attain golden cards from the chest in Coin Master. And to guess the best tricks among all of them, you have to test personally.

CoinMaster is one of the biggest things happening in the gaming world, and every young mind wants to get involved with this incredible game. So what are you waiting for?

Hurry up, use these tricks, and become the best player in this fantastic Coin Master game.

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