Hide villages in coin master

How To Hide Villages In Coin Master

Coin Master has unique gameplay where fellow players attack and raid your villages for extra items and loot. Consequently, you can also do the same as it is an easy and sure-shot way of instantly earning some in-game currency.

But if you are a new player and your villages are being raided continuously by other players, then you might be on the hunt for some strategies to save your villages.

Here are some quick tips to help hide villages and protect them from potential invaders.

1. Hold Out On Building Villages

This ploy is the best tip that I can give to anyone. Although you might be inclined to build your first village as soon as you acquire enough currency, there are many reasons that you should be holding out to do so.

Firstly because half-way villages will be easily attacked if you are stacking coins midway. Moreover, building different villages in a single streak will give you an advantage over other players and help you save time and coin as well.

So if you are planning on your first build, make sure you stack up on enough coins. And if possible, you should start building when you have enough coins for at least two or three different villages.

2. Use Shields

Shields are a great way to protect your villages from invaders. This in-game tool can be acquired through slots and is not available for purchase in the in-game store.

Coin Master Shield protection

This unavailability makes it a rare item that ensures that none of your invaders will be able to get past the first wave of attack on your village. Shields work by putting a protective layer around your village and repelling any invading attack from your fellow players that it may encounter in the process.

A shield can be used only once, and it will break every time after it has repelled an attack. So make sure that you regularly visit the slots to get enough shields just in case you are facing constant invasions in your village.

3. Hatch A Rhino

Coin master allows you to hatch a single pet in every village. Each pet has its advantages and disadvantages, and the best one to counter any incoming invasion from your enemies is the ‘Rhino.’

Hatch rhino to protect villages

Once you hatch a rhino, it has a specific win rate against blocking enemy attacks on your village. Upgrading your rhino will increase this win rate and, in turn, increase the chances of your village repelling an incoming invasion.

Unlike shields that are a single-use item, your rhino will always be available to counter enemy attacks. The more you upgrade him, the higher your chances of evading an incoming invasion. Just make sure that your pet is fed regularly to keep him active.

If your rhino is not fed, he will be inactive, which would render your village vulnerable for enemy attacks and raids.

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