Win Coin Master Viking Quest

How To Win Viking Quest Easily In Coin Master

If you are an online gamer, you must have played Coin Master Game. It is a free, single-player mobile game that is among the most preferred online video games in the world.

Viking Quest is the most exciting event of the game. The game consists of players exploring the Viking Life. They plan their monastery raids, build ships, and choose the way anyway they prefer.

Of course, this makes it super- thrilling to play. What is more, you earn coins, chests, and even gold cards in the Viking Quest of Coin Master.

Ways To Win Viking Quest In Coin Master

Winning a Viking Quest in Coin Master is like every players’ first aspiration. So, are you ready for it?

Here we go.

Stick up to Level 6 of the game

This method is basically for newbies. The game is quite straightforward up to level 5. In the first few levels, the coin needed to play is readily available to you. In the following levels, you can either collect the coin or play for an easy bonus wheel.

The complexity starts with Level 6. However, you also get your first gold card at this level. In this level, you can win with various combinations. A total of up to 2 billion coins are needed for owning a village, and your stack will be full of coins in the end.

Thus, you can get your first gold card quite quickly.

Keep an eye over the big raids after Level 6. You need to make big raids to earn the gold card. You need 10 to 80 billion in the bonus wheel, which is a considerable sum. It is better to stack massive amounts.

In the opportune, strategic moments, you can start with maximum bets, as you have already accumulated large coins with big raids at hand.

This way will inevitably lead you to win the gold card.

Find your maximum bet amount

In this method, you have to win the coins at maximum bet. The technique works best if you are unwilling to spend a vast amount of coins. As you go for the maximum bet, the amount of winning coins is almost equal to that of betting coins.

With a few good chances, you win your best maximum bet amount. So, you don’t have to waste your coins in bonus wheel spins.

You have to follow the game thoroughly and count the spins for finding out your maximum bet.

Smash three hearts in a row

This way is preferable to many expert gamers. Look for the set of three hearts. As it is assessed, if you hit three hearts consecutively, chances are you can get a bonus wheel right after. Start playing with maximum bets when you get three hearts. This method is quite easy.

So, the Viking quest can be understood as a quest full of choices. With the right ways and tactics, you can easily decide the course of your journey and add thrill, fun, and excitement to it.

With these valuable tips and tricks, you can enhance your game and increase your chances, manifold of winning the Viking quest in Coin Master. With the methods mentioned above, go for it!

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